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Why Naturopathy

Welcome to the Light Matrix!

Master the Inner Game of Your Happiness and Success!

We have been waiting for you! Come Inside and Feel the Power of Engaging with an Innovative Support System of mentoring, collaborative learning and effective skill-building using transformational frameworks that get you securely onto the playing field of the life you want and the holistic business that you are deeply committed to building.

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Inner Alchemy

An Intimate Mastermind Paradigm Shift Experience

What's Happening Next?


Turning Point Intuitive Private Coaching

  • ​Strategically focus to create your life

  • Master your inner game, dissolve sabotage patterns and become less emotionally dictated.

  • Build momentum toward the results that you are choosing

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Intutive Self Mastery

A Life Changing Experiential Immersion

  • See beyond conditioned perspectives into a world that collaborates with you

  • Unpack real-life tools that deconstruct conflict and resistance, so you move into choice  

  • Be supported in a group setting to create the deeply held  meaningful life you want.

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Flower Essence Alchemy
Practitioner Certification

Flower Essence Life Coach Training

  • Based on The  Inner Alchemy Transformational Modality

  • Learn a Flower Essence Treatment practice that will develop your intuitive and clinical skills and give your clients the support and momentum for positive change

  • The next immersive FE courses start in Spring 2024

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Dream Builder

Creative Development Coaching for Course Creators and Holistic Entrepreneurs

  • Strategize, develop and scale  your powerful and unique methodology

  • Learn how to get your clients to self-diagnose  their real problems that you are equipped to help them with

  • Build the life and holistic business of your destiny, but did not have the knowledge, confidence and support to fully  carry through on it


I hired Bobbi as a business coach through her Dream Builder program for the mentoring that I needed through each genesis of my entrepreneurial expansion. For 30 years, I facilitated women’s groups, and I wanted to develop a high level prosperity program. My clients were asking me to do it, but there were always reasons why I delayed.  I really didn’t know where to start or how to put it all together. I needed somebody who really understood what I was trying to do and could mentor me through all of the blind spots and help me maintain the confidence to keep going.

Bobbi has helped me stay with my vision (even when I was tempted otherwise) and bring it into fruition, step-by-step.  Looking back, I can see that it’s the personal growth that gave me the momentum to anchor my one year signature program, “Pivot to Prosperity.” I absolutely love facilitating and being a catalyst in people’s lives. Bobbi also helped me structure other offerings, including private coaching.

It’s been a rewarding journey of daring to have a big vision, making a career change, and figuring out how I want to reinvent myself! It definitely was a roller-coaster at times, but It’s very satisfying to know that I have created my own platform for people to pay the abundance and personal growth forward into the world.  I have been able to build a legacy of impact that is very deeply meaningful to me. Thanks for inspiring me and believing in me Bobbi!!"

Carol Stringham

Founder, Cycles For Transformation

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