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Turning Point Intuitive Coaching

When you set out to create something new in your life, subconscious parts of you emerge with old conflicts that are looking to be resolved. This does not have to be scary or defeating - its a natural part of how we grow. If you have a new vision for your life, your next step is

  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs and conflicts that keep you stuck or playing small

  • Refocus and create something new!

  • Learn a high level process to master your inner game

  • Dissolve sabotage patterns and become less emotionally dictated.

  • Build momentum toward the results that you are choosing

Enjoying Nature
Re-Calibrate To Your New Story

There you are realizing that you are about to pivot and re-invent your life, letting go of an old identity and career and getting ready to step into a new phase - and its important to get the right support so you can act from a place of inspiration and creativity. One thing is for sure - you want the satisfaction of things coming together for what you really want in your life because you are re-calibrating who you are!


Your level of happiness and success is a function of mastering your emotional intelligence and creative development. The more adept you are in these areas, the better you can focus your choices and assign power in your life. In order to do this, you need a mentor who can diagnose where your inner game is hung up, and has the methodology and skill to guide you to gather all of your most important pieces so you can be who you really want to be in life.

How do I master my inner game?
I have spent the past 30 years refining the most powerful inner processes so you can be living your soul-inspired life. My methodology of psycho-dynamic coaching helps you build a new foundation and become the master creator of your life.


If you have a deep desire
to give yourself
a second chance at life
Its not too late to create!
You are just getting warmed up!

I'll help you

  • Identify the narratives and conflicts that keep you stuck or playing small, and I'll give you the therapeutic support to empower your forward movement

  • Learn to embody a new orientation and focus to your life

  • Use inner tools throughout your day to anchor and support your authentic self

  • Receive deep and focused weekly sessions to connect with what you really want your life to be about and your inner instructions for the choices you want to make

  • Crack the code to unlocking where you are stuck and stop going in circles, so you can finally thrive!

  • Master your inner game and build momentum toward the results that you are excited about achieving

  • Foster an increased sense of freedom, well-being, depth, and joy

  • Thaw out frozen sabotage patterns so you can become less emotionally dictated, and be in charge of your life and happiness.


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