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Feeling overwhelmed, insecure or blocked in one or more areas of your life?


What is the INNER SKILL that creates fulfillment in your relationships, helps you be successful in your career … AND anchors your strength and courage?

There is an inner skill that keeps you grounded and gives you tools for relational alchemy and confidence. It's Emotional Intelligence.

Getting your inner skills on board

If you are trying to reinvent yourself, create better relationships or do something bigger with your life or career ...and, in spite of your efforts ... it’s not happening.’s likely you feel stuck, and you might be asking yourself...

Why am I struggling with this problem?

Having the best intentions, motivation and positive mindset are self-will qualities. Relying on self-will alone cannot get you to the heart of the matter of your upset. Trying to resolve struggles without the inner skills of understanding is like trying to build a house without a foundation. Your positive mindset has nothing to stand on, and it results in the repetition of reaction patterns that are happening largely outside your awareness. That’s why you might be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling a loss of self-confidence.

Your Foundation

Without integrating and using new perceptions and strategies you are wallpapering over problems and this is what will block your access to the new choices you are seeking in your life.

Being Who You Want To Be

...has a lot to do with mastering who you are at a subconscious level, which, in turn determines who you think you are and what you are going to do in life.

Even though 95% of your thoughts and feelings are governed by your subconscious mind,
chances are, you were never really taught how to recognize its role in your life or how to manage
the unwanted limiting effects. Your shadow side has learned to censor your truth and even
sabotage powerful aspects of your brilliance in a subconscious effort try fit in, get along with
others, or avoid being judged.


Subconscious programs and decision-making go on in the background without you consciously realizing it! Can you imagine how this could have created self-doubt in you, or contributed to feeling stuck around decisions or relationship problems when your logical mind tells you one thing, and your emotional signaling is in opposition?

But there is a set of inner skills that help you access your highest functioning and get you on board with what you really want in life.


If you are not getting what you want in life or are confused and can't get unstuck...

It doesn't mean that your subconscious shadow is trying to purposely thwart you. It just means its time to figure out where the conflicting messages are coming from, what is at the bottom of your emotional pain or relationship frustrations ... and that has to do with where you are unknowingly identified with old hurts, self-defeating emotional triggers, limiting beliefs and fears, inner conflicts, and insecurities.

Here is what you need to know so that you can gain the emotional and confidence mastery you want in your relationships and life goals...

If you don't unhook yourself from where you got trapped in an outdated coping strategy, you will only have the access and resources of that limited strategy to run your life and relationships with, and you will feel stuck.

If you think you might be stuck in an outdated strategy of your former self in one or more areas of your life,
I would like to share a solution
that helps you replace old coping mechanisms with
Emotional Intelligence
so you can manage your emotions with awareness and be able to create your life based on your highest potential.

How is this different from traditional therapy or new age coaching?

For the past two decades there has been a surge in the  idea that we can influence our subconscious mind to create what we want in life. But this is a slightly distorted premise because your subconscious mind does not actually create your reality based on what you want. Instead, it informs your identity about how much potency you are "allowed" to hold.

That distinction makes a big difference for you!

To this end, we will work together to unhook outdated, frozen coping mechanisms and neutralize the self-limiting patterns that are holding you back. With support, you are gaining mastery become less emotionally dictated by your subconscious mind. That's a breakthrough because when you can refocus and create your reality based on an identity that is skilled and confident, you have the power to be who you want to be.

Why? ...Because when you unhook, it allows you to re-focus where it matters.


Together we can take a look at the narratives and conflicts that keep you stuck or playing small and map out your forward movement

We will use a Creative Orientation to help you transform limiting beliefs and over-ride sabotage patterns. I have synthesized the most powerful methodologies that I have come across in my career as a psycho-dynamic coach. This system has its roots in somatic integration, which speaks an experiential language to your nervous system and the memories that it holds.

Problem Solving and Integration

I'll help you identify where you get psychologically hijacked and we will work with awareness to dissolve frozen limitation patterns and onboard a new sense of Empowered Emotional Intelligence. As a psychodynamic coach, I will help you with tangible inner skills so you can stop responding to the world through the energy of unresolved pain and confusion, and help you create your own transformation and confidence.

Bobbi Courtney,

Psychodynamic Coach, Author, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and Founder of Light Matrix Institute

As a Psychodynamic Coach, I have spent my career helping clients understand the dynamics of their struggles so they can reconnect with their personal power and create new possibilities in their lives. I help people move beyond their current circumstances and create their own transformation using the most effective systems I have ever encountered in my career. This approach synthesizes Somatic Integration with Experiential Inquiry methodologies. I was trained at Smith College School for Social Work as a Clinical Psychotherapist and certified in Somatic Integrative Therapy at Weinacht, Switzerland through the Center for Somatic Psychology.

I want to give you the best of both the psychodynamic and coaching worlds to help you come away with tangible inner skills so you can stop responding to the world through the energy of unresolved pain and confusion and master the transformation of fears, hurts, anxieties, and insecurities so you can live eh life you want.

Let's Stay In Touch!
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What Clients Say

Bobbi runs the most beautiful courses! She is loving, open, giving and shares a toolbox of strategies on how to de-stress and release pent up energy on a physical, emotional, mental and subconscious level. I have spent a great deal of time and money on counseling, courses, books etc over the last couple of years in search of belonging and relief from anxiety. Her program has helped me more than anything and presented strategies that I have not encountered elsewhere. Most importantly, her programs provide a safe place for women to share, express , empathize, listen and offer support and advice! In my group with Bobbi we supported each other through motherhood, career upheaval, health ailments , relationships and more. It’s just everything to know you aren’t alone in your struggle! Somehow the right people are brought together in love and kindness. I cannot recommend Bobbi’s female empowerment group enough!!

- Caitlin W. (Teacher)

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