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Inner Alchemy

embodying who you love to be

Your subconscious doesn’t create

based on what you want


It sets the speed limit for your

identity's level of possibility

What is your Identity Speed Limit?

There is a setting inside you that locks in your identity speed limit and tells you how much power, aliveness and choice you can have in your life, and its governed by a subconscious agenda without your consent. This setting is the most ignored essential factor in determining what level you can create your life you at.

What is your identity Speed Limit?

Its a type of fear and protection setting. If you grew up on this planet, your subconscious likely discovered a long time ago that it was in opposition with you having high level aspirations. Your conscious mind was probably not aware of this inner conflict. But that was sort of OK at the time, because you used  a simple solution to resolve it -just lower your speed limit. Problem solved.

The Struggling Creator

Now that you are all grown up, you are realizing that lowering your speed limit only turns you into a Struggling Creator: You desire to go "next level" and you know what you want in life. You do all the right things to be successful, happy and healthy and you are frustrated, feel stuck in low gear, struggling to create what you want in life.

You sometimes wonder how it could be so easy for other people to claim what they want in life, be natural leaders or successful creators who exude confidence.

If this sounds familiar, you might have tried many self-help practices, but have discovered that no amount of self-will, meditation or affirmation alone has bumped you up to the level of ease and self-direction that you are seeking. You want to be able to rely on your confidence, intuition and emotional intelligence to help you be in the driver's seat of creating your own happiness. The struggle is that there is an important place in your life where you get hooked into old patterns and end up not effectively focusing your shine onto the higher level outcomes that you really want.

If this is you...

(and I think it might be because you are still here) You would be so relieved to finally gain access to a system of work that would allow you to discover the real deeper barriers that keep you from embodying who you love to be.

Struggling Creators Deserve Second Chances at the Life They Want!

If you were able to give yourself a second chance at embodying who you really want to be, would you be excited about taking the aliveness that has been trapped in subconscious agreements and using it for what is most important to you?

Inner Alchemy
An Intimate Mastermind Paradigm Shift Experience

In this high level awareness training we use the power of the group for each person's highest definition embodiment.

What level of Possible could you create if you had the chance?

if you were willing to take a stand for yourself from a creative orientation, and you had the chance to work intimately in potent conditions in a supportive mastermind group using life-changing frameworks and experiential partnerships, what would would the possibilities be for you?

This is the question that you will be exploring through awareness, creative orientation and inquiry frameworks as part of this 12 person group. You will build inner skills to undo or over-ride the settings that have kept you at a low speed limit in some area of your life, and together, we will be able to help you re-calibrate your identity and live through an embodied ability to create your own happiness and success for  yourself and others.

This Inner Alchemy Mastermind Mentorship is a unique, life-changing, experiential dive into creating a paradigm shift for yourself.

The premise of the training:

Your subconscious will always create at the level at which you are identified.  Just like water reaching its own level, your identity can only create at the level of its lowest frequency. In this group experience, we will work together to support your higher frequency orientation where it is needed, and help you direct your power to unravel subconscious hypnotic trances that hold you back.

When and Where
4 In-Person Group Master Mind classes at the Divine Paradigm Center in Salisbury, MA
  • Tuesday, February 13th, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday, February 27th, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday, March 12th, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Tuesday, March 19th, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Zoom Mastermind Integration
Also, on the alternate Tuesdays, there are 3 zoom calls to help you integrate more of what you are learning (These will be recorded if you cant make it) February 20th, March 5th, and March 19th from 7-8 PM.
You get:
  • 4 Powerful in-person group learning trainings
  • 3 Integration sessions (these are recorded, so if you cannot attend in person, you can catch up with the recording)
  • A workbook to follow the concepts introduced and templates to use during partnered work
  • 3 partner inquiry/integration calls
  • A 30 minute onboarding call with Bobbi
  • A flower essence blend to support you during this Mastermind Course
By the end of this training, you will be equipped to step into the creative orientation and manifest your inherent desires while keeping your self-limitations at bay
Training Themes Include:
  • Structure - The mechanics at play that determine your reality. 
  • Limiting Belief Dynamics vs Creativity Dynamics - develop structures that allow you to create powerfully at will. 
  • Energetic Self-Reliance - Creating Reality from Wholeness vs Separation.

Bobbi Courtney, MSW, CFEP

Intuitive Psychotherapist, Author, Business Coach, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and founder of The Light Matrix Institute

Bobbi is a Transformational Group Facilitator and the Creator of Internal Alchemy which is a revolutionary mastermind transformational approach that synthesizes somatic integration with experiential Inquiry using dynamic group and triad work. She was Trained at Smith College School for Social Work as a Clinical Psychotherapist and is certified in Somatic Integrative Therapy at Weinacht, Switzerland through the Center for Somatic Psychology.

"As an Intuitive Psychotherapist, I have spent my career helping clients understand and utilize the dynamics of their struggles so they can excavate personal power and create  new possibilities in their lives. I am passionate about helping people move beyond their current circumstances and cause their own transformation. My methodology is a dynamic fusion of the most effective systems I have ever encountered. Using a mastermind approach, clients get to create their life from a potent orientation that is born of their Heart and Soul's Desire."

If you don’t know me yet, I am happy to do a discovery call with you to talk about where you need  support and see if you are somebody that Inner Alchemy can help. 

"Let's unveil the ultimate-level creative principles together”

- Bobbi

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