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INTO THE LIGHT INFUSION (stabilized) Restores light to the system for those experiencing heaviness, weariness, tension, fear, and overwhelming feelings. The effect on the aura is calming, stabilizing and uplifting. Confidence and coping abilities increase as one reconnects to the higher self.


"On the morning of the fifth day I awoke and found the heaviness and agitation had disappeared. I have been using this infusion for two months and feel more emotionally stable than I have in years..." ~Richard Solway, California

Into the Light Infusion Spray (stabilized) – 1oz

  • Confidence, new coping abilities, and awareness of higher aspects of being. Feel calm, stabilized, uplifted.

    Heaviness, hopelessness, stagnation, fear, worry, tension, overwhelming feelings. Release irrational fears and other emotional patterns that are no longer serving.

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